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About Us

About the Creator of the Program

Hello, my name is Yariv "Monk" Kaplan and I am an online entrepreneur living in ukraine. I'm passionate to help others become financially free. I've been on the online/work from home world over a year now. I've been looking for a platform that will help me achieve financial freedom and help others to do so for a long time. I've found many ways to make some money online but none of them gave the tools to help anyone even outside of this online/work from home world.
I believe I have created the perfect platform to achieve my goals and many others like me.

Help others - it all began almost over two years ago when I moved to kiev ukraine and for the second time of my life I have encountered what it means for people to live in absolute poverty (first time was in india when I've traveled but that is another story for another time), every day when I go out of my home I see old poor people looking in the garbage cans.. and it breaks my heart. I began thinking hard "is there a way I can help those people" not just by giving them small charity but offer them tools that will help them to become financially free (Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime - Lao-Tzu).

This is why I have created this system that will not only help people to get financially free but also allow them to help others and spread the wealth around the world where people really needs it. the system is designed like this where the members are forced to help others even if it's to friends and family but eventually will spill out of their close circle and will create a snow ball effect that will help many people around the globe.

Crypto-Philanthropy is here to change lives, it is here to change your future and the future of countless others. I believe the Crypto-Philanthropy family will be world changers, we are not here to just survive, we are here to change the fabric of what is possible, we are here to make a difference.

This is an easy system that anyone regardless of experience, background or financial means can do to thrive. Don't let your dreams go to waste! Live it up, do it today, make someone smile, LET'S CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER!

To a better world and your financial freedom
Yariv "Monk" Kaplan